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Should I Sell my Langley Real Estate Now or Wait?

There are several factors that you need to consider in response to the question “Should I sell my house now or wait?”.

Most homeowners dealing with this question have a financial motivation in answering this question correctly. When it comes to Langley real estate, the answer depends. Both selling now, and waiting, can be good for you, depending on your situation.

Here are your options to either sell or wait, in greater detail.

Sell Now Because the Present is Certain

As a homeowner who is selling his or her Langley real estate, you want to obtain the most money you can for it. It may be that you simply fear selling now, since the economy can always improve tomorrow. This is a common thought that many have, and not just in real estate. 

You have probably seen the news stories by now about Bitcoin. Many people who had the opportunity to buy, or to hold onto their coins, and did not, publicly regretted their decisions. However, we can never have all the information we need when making decisions. Life is funny like that. 

All you can know is the present. If you have a house that you want to sell, and you have interested Langley real estate buyers but are holding out for better housing market conditions, you should consider selling anyways. It is just as likely that the housing market takes a downturn as it will improve. Do not fear what tomorrow brings. A good price on your home is a good price on your home.

Hold Out for a Better Price “Tomorrow”

Holding out for a better price can also work. Since available land is finite, and shrinking due to global warming, your house will always go up in value. The question now becomes, “How long will it take for my house to appreciate in value?” The answer is uncertain, as no one knows. 

If you have the ability to wait months, years, if not decades, holding out for a better price may work in your favor. Cities drastically change over time, as suburbs expand, industries come and go, and people’s priorities change. Populations shift and diasporas bring new demographics to every corner of the country all the time. 

If you are holding out for a better price, and you have the ability to sit on your house sale, consider doing so. Keep in mind that it may take a while, even for valued Langley real estate.

The Answer

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to selling your home. Only you, with the information and knowledge you have, can answer that. 

HomeLife White Rock can help you determine the best conditions to sell your home. Our clients in White Rock, Langley, and New Westminster have all had positive experiences with our expert staff. Contact us to learn more about your house’s value, and whether you should sell now or later.


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