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Reasons to Sell Your Langley Townhouses “As Is” Without Upgrading First

Selling your house as is provides some advantages. Firstly, you can receive a large amount of offers from prospective buyers who see your house as a “fixer-upper” based on their own notions of what your house should look like.

If you fix up your house, the market value of your house will rise. However, by selling your house as is, the market price is lower, which makes your house more affordable.

The more offers you receive, the more likely it will be for you to sell your home. If selling your house is more important to you than selling it for a higher price, it is a major advantage to you to sell your house as is. Many townhouses are sold for this reason alone. That stated, there are many right answers to the question, “Should I sell my house as is or fix it up?”

Reasons to Fix Up Langley Townhouses Before Selling Them

The most obvious reason to fix up your house before you sell it is to gain more money. They better your house looks, the more money will be offered by buyers. 

Another reason why buyers like fixed up homes is that it results in less work for them once they have purchased their homes. While some buyers like to renovate the homes they have just purchased, other buyers want to move in right away and do not want to worry about the improvements and upgrades they need to make to a home for some time.

Depending on the buyer that you receive, fixing up your home before selling it may be worth it to you. Sometimes, the buyer will even ask you to make certain renovations to your home before he or she will sell it. Your real estate agent can also recommend upgrades to increase your house’s market value.

How to Determine the Best Solution for Your Goals

The best solution for your goals regarding whether you want to sell your house or fix it up first will depend on your situation.

Some common factors that can determine this decision for you, based on the general situations of homeowners of other Langley townhouses, are as follows:

●    Do you need to sell your home fast?
●    Are you okay with receiving a lower offer for your home?
●    Have buyers requested specific upgrades or renovations before buying your home?

There is no right or wrong answer when determining to sell your home or upgrade it first. It entirely depends on your situation. Remember that your real estate agent, as well as prospective buyers, can be great sources of information regarding the renovation of your home.

HomeLife White Rock has provided excellent service to the White Rock, Langley, and Cresecent Beach, BC, area. We would like to help you sell your home as well. Langley townhouses are a great investment for buyers, whether you fix up your home first, or sell it as is. Contact us for more information.


As expected, every homeowner

As expected, every homeowner wants to sell its house for top dollars, although in some cases the sale is more than just obtaining a good price for it. Prospective buyers are more interested in a fixer-upper house, mainly because they can update it to their own liking. They can use LED lights display to create a warm and welcoming environment, where the entire family can make a fresh start. So, those who are planning to sell their house should think about selling the house as is.

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