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Houses for sale in BC: “Who Should I Sell My House Through?”


A common real estate question that our clients have is, “Who should I sell my house through?”

When determining where to sell your home online, there are two popular options to sell your home through: online marketplaces, and professional real estate agencies. While you will gain a lot of freedom via online marketplaces, it is far better to use professional real estate agencies. 

There is simply no amount of freedom or money that can make up for the sheer benefits that you will receive from certified and professional real estate agents. When considering who you should sell your house through, consider selling it through real estate agents.


Online Marketplaces

Online marketplaces provide you with an online space where you can list your home for sale. You can enter in details about your home, upload photos of the exterior and interior of your home, and converse online with prospective buyers. 

While this is a great resource to perform preliminary research regarding your home’s value and worth prior to deciding to sell, if you want to sell your home quicker, more efficiently, and for more money, you really should contact a professional real estate agency.

Online marketplaces, as great as they are for finding White Rock houses or condos for sale, and are only one part of the equation. Selling your home is a multi-step process. You need to:

●    Prepare your home for sale
●    Have your home appraised and inspected
●    List your home for sale - this is where online marketplaces come in
●    Provide prospective buyers with tours and open houses
●    Negotiate with prospective buyers
●    Agree to a buyer, draw up real estate contracts, and file paperwork

Online marketplaces can increase the visibility of your home selling process, but they can do little more than that, due to the human factor required. 


Professional Real Estate Agencies

Professional real estate agents, and their agencies, can benefit your home-selling experience in ways that online marketplaces cannot. Just look at all of the White Rock condos for sale and how much that market is booming. 

First, professional real estate agents have years of education, and decades of experience, all of which can benefit you. 

A seasoned agent will be able to appraise your home accurately, help you identify areas for improve-ment to raise your home’s value, act as an intermediary between you and your buyer, and so much more.

The second big benefit that real estate agents provide is networking. Agents have contacts and leads, which they can use to help find you the perfect buyer. With an online marketplace, your listing is re-stricted to those who can see it. 

With a professional agent, your buyers can come from a wide array of social societies, groups, associa-tions, and more. If selling your home fast is a priority for you, a real estate agent can make that happen!


Sell Your Home with HomeLife

HomeLife White Rock, operating in the White Rock area, can help residents sell their homes quicker, and more efficiently, than any online marketplace. Just look at our experience working with houses for sale in BC.

 It may seem tempting to use an online marketplace, but there are just some benefits that can only be had by hiring a professional. If you want to sell your home, contact a seasoned and professional real estate agent like HomeLife White Rock today.

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