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Real Estate Q&A: Where Can I Sell My House for Free?

Realtors are licensed professionals who have made it their job to sell homes. Unless you used to be a realtor, it is difficult to grasp just how much information they need to know and access in order to legally sell a home. For all the work they do, realtors charge a commission; usually 4-8% of the sales price. Here are the typical services you receive from your realtor in exchange for their commission:

●    Property evaluation
●    Home inspection
●    Arrange house showings
●    Arrange open houses
●    Research property listings
●    Communicate with buyers
●    Discuss conditions of sale with buyers
●    Draw up contracts
●    Create a marketing campaign
●    And more.

You Can Sell a Home Without a Realtor or Agency

However, if you want to forgo a realtor and keep their 4-8% commission, it is possible to sell a house by yourself. However, you will need to learn on the job and the propensity for making a mistake is higher. Sellers hire realtors because realtors save time, effort, and money. Less can go wrong and you only stand to profit by contracting the professional services of a realtor.

The Value of a Realtor

Similar to fixing your own car, some jobs are best left to the professionals. Sure, you can change your own oil, but performing small engine repair is best left to a mechanic. The same applies to real estate and realtors.

Realtors have tons of experience selling homes. The value of a realtor lies not in their commission, but in their experience. If a realtor fails to flip a house, he or she does not receive a commission. The ones that do are the ones that get paid. When considering selling your home, it makes sense to hire a realtor with a winning track record.

The Best Reason!

Appraising a house is tough. If you sell your home at a price below the market, you will lose money. If you sell your home at a price above the market standard, you will have a harder time selling your home. Knowing how to appraise your home, and how to raise that appraisal, is the key to making the sale of your home profitable.

Who Pays the Realtor?

Typically, realtors take their commission out of the selling price. As the seller, you will earn the sales price minus the commission. You do not pay the realtor or real estate agency directly, which makes the financial transaction easier to implement. As the middle man, or middle men between you and your buyer, they will provide you with a check after the sales contract has been signed.

HomeLife White Rock can help you sell your home. We are focused on providing quality care to home owners in the White Rock area.

Our realtors are knowledgeable, experienced, and driven. We are ready to assist you in the sale of your home, streamlining the process and to find the right buyer. For more information, or if you have any questions, contact us today.

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