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Real Estate Q&A: Where Can I Sell My House Privately?

We are often asked, “Where can I sell my house privately.”

While most home owners put their houses up for sale on public listings, you do have options if you want to sell your house privately. Selling your home privately is no less simple or streamlined than selling your home publicly. It is simply a different process, based on your privacy requirements. Buyers can also choose to remain private if they choose. 

Both sellers and buyers have their reasons for remaining private. While a realtor or real estate agency will act as an intermediary between both parties, a house can still be sold privately. 

Why Sellers Remain Private

Some common reasons why home owners sell their houses privately:

●    Save on advertising fees
●    Your dealings with buyers are more direct
●    You can sell your home quicker
●    You can drop the price if it means getting a sale
●    Fewer people know you are selling your home

The simplest way to sell your house privately is through a real estate agent. Real estate agents have the option to sell your home to private buyers. Although your home may be publicly listed by the agent, only you, your agent, and the buyer will know who purchased the house. 

You may not want the neighbourhood to learn you are selling your home. You may want to sell your home as fast as possible. Whatever the reason, remain private will not impede the sale of your home.

Why Buyers Remain Private

Private house purchases are a common occurrence. Some reasons for this are as follows:

●    The buyer is famous and wants to keep their identity secret
●    The buyer is a private person
●    Private buyers may have less competition than when a house is publicly listed

As the middleman, your real estate agent can coordinate the house selling process between you and your private buyer. The selling process will be streamlined, and simpler than listing your home publicly. For instance, you will not have to run such an extensive marketing campaign, or list your home on an online marketplace if you want to sell your home privately.

Sell Your Home in Relative Privacy

There are varying degrees of privacy when it comes to selling your home. A completely open and public home listing would be available to any potential buyer that visits your listing on either an online marketplace or your agent’s website. A semi-private listing will either be advertised via word of mouth, or advertised lightly in your local neighborhood. 

As a home owner, you may decide not to advertise your home online, but instead use local advertising techniques like lawn signs, community bulletins and newsletters, and local signs and flyers. All these options are legitimate advertising techniques that lower the publicity of your house being on the market.

HomeLife White Rock helps buyers and sellers privately negotiate real estate deals in the White Rock real estate market. If you want to sell your home, or if you want to purchase one, contact us today about a private sale. We can accommodate your privacy needs.

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