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Real Estate Q&A: Where to Sell My House Online?

If you find yourself typing “Where to sell my house online” into Google. We are here to help you.

The traditional home-selling process is to hire a realtor and let them sell your home for you. However, thanks to the Internet, you can sell your home online now. Here are three different online options to consider.

1.    Realtor’s Website
The cost of a realtor is worth every penny. Realtors provide you with the correct forms, appraise your home correctly, and communicate with potential buyers. They also market your home. Selling your home is easier when you hire a realtor. It is common to find realtors who have their own websites. When hiring them to sell your home, they will create an online listing for your home, complete with descriptions, pictures, and even house plans if you can provide them. 

2.    Online Marketplace
Online marketplaces like Trulia and Zillow allow sellers to upload information of their homes for sale. Prospective buyers can then contact the sellers, and complete the home selling process. This process is simple and streamlined, allowing home sellers to flip their homes easily. The true power of websites like Trulia and Zillow is their comprehensive house listing data. With these websites, you can research similar homes in your area to appropriately price your own, as well as to upload pertinent information like pictures and information about your own listing. 

3.    Online Virtual Realtors
Online virtual realtors are online marketplaces that provide realtor services for a fee. One example is eMoov, a UK online realtor that will list your home for sale on many online marketplaces. In essence, they act like your realtor, even if you have no personal connection to them. Online virtual realtors are a good idea if you do not have a realtor or real estate agency in your area, or you cannot find a realtor to sell your home. 

Why You Should Use a Realtor 

If you want to sell your house online fast and easy, with minimal work required on your part, the best option is to use a realtor. Realtors are licensed and have years of experience that they can apply to selling your home. They can help connect you with prospective buyers, handle the marketing campaign, appraise your home correctly, and so much more. During the selling process, a realtor will act as a mentor to you, answering all your questions and providing you with the appropriate documentation. 

One of the best factors of hiring a realtor, even when selling your home online, is their payment fee structure. Realtors are paid on commission, which means they will take their payment out of the total selling price. You do not have do directly pay them, which means you do not need to save up any money in order to contract a realtor’s services. 

By using one, or a combination of online home selling options, you can sell your house for a good price. HomeLife White Rock can help sell your home online in the White Rock real estate market. If you have any questions about realtor online services, do not hesitate to contact us.


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